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Moving In Together – Is It A Wise Decision?

When you are in a long-term relationship with someone, the most common thought that will cross your mind is to live together before marriage. Living together will test out your relationship, if you are truly compatible with each other.

However, is living together the best option available for young couples?

According to a research done in the U.S., it was discovered 40% of couples who lived together before marriage end up divorcing when they tied the knot. In addition, only 46% of women today are convinced that moving in with their mate is the best option for them.

So, if you plan to get the keys before the ring, you should ask yourself these questions to avoid any doubts and heartaches when you finally decide to move in with your mate:

  • Are We Ready To Move In Together?

You need to be sure that this is the step you want to take before you make the final decision. A lot of couples think that moving in will bring them closer together. It’s not always the case. In fact, many couples end up disappointed when they see the negative side of their partners. Moving in is NOT all about convenience, there are several factors you need to consider like the habits of your partner, income capacity, beliefs, principles, and future goals.


Before you move in, it’s wise to talk it over, and know if you’re willing to share everything with your partner. Keep in mind that you’re not yet married and separation can happen at any time.



  • How Do We Handle Our Financial Obligation?

Financial issues are common among couples, and it’s something that should be worked out before they move in together. When you’re sharing an apartment or a house together, there are expenses that you need to pay for. It’s relatively important to know who’s paying the bills and managing the income; all expenses should be divided between the two.

  • Are We ready To Have Children?

Cohabiting couples should know the obligations and responsibilities of parents. Raising a child is not an easy task, so it’s wise to talk about it before someone gets pregnant. Usually, women get pregnant in the first year they move in with their partners. Without proper planning and preparation, you can expect that this can lead to disaster. Keep in mind that having a baby before marriage can sometimes lead to break-up.

  • My Place Or Your Place?

Another important thing to consider when moving in the place where you and your partner will stay. It’s advisable to start off in a new house or an apartment that the two of you bought together. It’s hard to move into a place that you inhabited when you were still single – since some areas like walk-in closet, garage, and bathroom are designed based on your needs and wants. When your partner moves into your place, there’s a strong possibility that you will become territorial, and this becomes a big issue.

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  • What Will Happen If We Break Up?

You need to have a clear understanding, ideally in writing, on which assets will go to you or your partner, if you break up. This will make it easy for both parties to split amicably their properties. Keep in mind that you’re still not married – you’re just living together. Most civil laws are created for married couples, and courts will just label you as just roommates. Cohabiting couples must protect their assets, in case they do break up in the end.

Moving in together is a big issue for most couples, it’s not something that you should take lightly. Living together out of convenience should NOT be the main reason for your decision. Make sure you take this major step mindfully!