Spiritual Struggles And Belief In A Higher Power

The Modern Man and His Interpretation Of God

When we look at our world today, we see a lot of people who are searching for something that could give them peace in their lives. They want to know if there is really a God, or at least to advance in things about the spiritual realm. However, becoming a believer is not that easy, especially when it’s your first time to study the facts written in the Bible.

The topic of religion is mostly old literature and debatable for a modern man, but if you want to understand God, then you need to have faith and learn more about the Bible. The basic knowledge that you need to learn is the early beginnings and how the heaven and earth was created.

We all know God created the heavens and the earth, but heaven is the biblical name for the spiritual world. It exists in another dimension which is parallel to the world we have now. As human beings, we can only see the physical space and the three dimensions that are visible to us. This is the reason why we only believe in the things we see, and the things that we thought exists. In short, we are bounded by the notion of seeing is believing.

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What Is The Spiritual Dimension?

The spiritual dimension consists of various elements and it’s a far beyond what we normally see. In fact, we cannot see into the spiritual dimension because it was hidden from us due to the original sins of man. So, we think that the physical world makes up the reality of our universe. We assume that life and reality are what we see on earth, but we miss the parallel plane that exists in the spiritual realm.

To fully understand God, we must understand the way the authority works in the spiritual realms, and how it can affect our lives on earth. When we were young, we were taught that the world around us is important, because it’s a vessel that holds all living things in our realm. We understand and believe in the material world that we live in, it’s been taught to us during our education and most of the time it’s what we see in various media sources (TV, Internet, radio).

And so we thought that the physical world is all that exists, where earth, sea and sky reside. For starters, our realm can be partitioned into two parts. One who believes in God and follows the principles written in the Bible. The other group are those who reject God’s will and are known to be atheists. However, we should understand that these two groups are mixed up in this physical plane, and they interact with other without knowing that God has separated the believers and non-believers.


Our Spiritual Struggles

For many of us who believe in the concept of God, we often pursue Him when we feel desperate, alone, or when we are searching for something more that is beyond what we already have in our lives. We always seek his blessings and guidance, because we feel safer when we know there is a “Higher Power” who is watching over us.

But for many people who had experienced the realities of life, which is full of hurts – they often fail in their attempt to know God. They ignore the existence of a higher power because they already created an interpretation of what life really is in this world. They didn’t know or understand the true purpose of their struggles. God has gone to all extremes to love us; that’s why He sent His only Son to die for us.

If we really want to achieve success, happiness and live a peaceful life – we must accept His gift. We need to consider the claims of Christ and discover the true meaning of life and we can overcome our spiritual struggles.