The Many Faces Of Depression

If you think that depression is the same for all people, then you are wrong. Studies show that depression is often different in women and man, and in adults and young people. Psychologists have established an awareness that could effectively differentiate the type of depression a person is suffering. Once a depression is recognized, it can easily be treated.

Depression In Women

Experts revealed that depression in women is twice as high as that of men. It is because of the hormonal factors they experience, especially during their premenstrual period or commonly known as PMS. Different disorders like dysphoric, perimenopausal, and postpartum depression are caused by hormonal factors. These conditions are generally known as seasonal affective disorder.

Usually, the symptoms can easily be distinguished as a profound feeling of guilt, excessive sleep, and overeating. Women who suffer from this condition are often seen agitated and could easily be angered by external factors.

Depression In Men

Depression in men is quite unique in nature due to the fact that it’s commonly associated with signs of weakness and excessive emotion. This is relatively true with most men when they are depressed, they will most likely acknowledge their feelings of hopelessness and self-loathing. They tend to complain and become irritable of various outside factors and inconveniences in life.

When depression sets in, most men will lose their interest in their work and hobbies. They become aggressive, violent, and some may even resort to reckless behavior. Substance abuse is also a common thing in men with depression. Even though depression in women is twice as high, it’s proven that men have a higher tendency to commit suicide.


Depression In Teens

Most depressed teens will appear sad and irritable, while others will show predominant symptoms like being grumpy, ill-tempered, and hostile to the people around them. They will also feel unexplained pains and aches in their body.

If this is left untreated, most teen depression can lead to self-loathing, drug abuse, school and home problems, and it can even lead to tragedies like homicidal suicide or violence. Teen depression is highly treatable when detected during its early stages.

Depression In Older Adults

Older adults especially those who are in their senior years face different dilemmas – such as loss of independence, bereavement, health problems and lack of income. These factors can lead to depression, and most of the time it’s prevalent in older people without a strong support system. Although we need to understand that this type of depression is not part of aging.

Older individuals will often complain about their physical condition rather than their emotional condition. That is why, it’s relatively harder to determine the symptoms in older people, because it’s commonly associated with poor health. However, when it’s left untreated – it could lead to suicidal tendencies, so diagnosis and treatment should be applied as soon as possible.

Major depression

When someone can no longer enjoy life, and sometimes, they get fed up with their usual routines; it’s possible that these are symptoms of depression. It could range from moderate to severe when left untreated. Generally, major depression last for 6 months, but some people experience depression as a recurring event in their lives.

There are many things we can do to support people with depression. You can talk to them about their feelings and past experiences to lessen their burden, or you can bring them to a medical professional for help.

Conversation With A Therapist

Dealing With Dysthymia

Dysthymia is commonly referred to as chronic low-grade depression. People who are suffering from this condition is moderately or mildly depressed. It can last for a long time, sometimes it can even reach for years without being detected. The symptoms can make it difficult for a person with Dysthymia to live a full life, because it’s a recurring event and it may impede them to reach their full potential.

There are many ways to support people with depression, but it’s a condition that should be treated as soon as possible. Depression can be a big burden for anyone, especially those who want to live a peaceful life. It’s imperative to seek out the help of a psychologist when you feel depressed for a long period of time.