Eating Disorders

The mirror screams, “You’re fat, you’re ugly, you can’t change.” Fixing your problem seemed easy at first — if you binged, you purged; if your body repulsed you, you exercised. But those “solutions” drove you deeper into despair, self-loathing and addiction. Culture and its airbrushed perfection sets an unattainable standard for most, whispering, “If you’re unhappy, do something about it.” And though the desire for change isn’t inherently wrong, focusing entirely on body image can lead to obsession. Eating disorders offer a false sense of control, propelling you into a cycle of disease that robs your self-esteem, disrupts your daily life and affects your health, sometimes to the point of death. Only by escaping the trap and discovering the beauty inside can you find true contentment.

Background Info
Contributing FactorsThe possible causes of an eating disorder.
Where Do Eating Disorders Come From?It’s not easy to pinpoint the cause, but therein lies the key to freedom.
An Impossible FitHas the media’s image of perfection driven women to eating disorders?
Dying to Be ThinThe physical consequences of eating disorders.
The Many Faces of an Eating DisorderIt’s comforting to know you’re not alone.
When Coping Becomes AddictionUnderstanding how addictions or poor coping skills meet needs can help break the cycle.
Addiction TriggersRecognizing what causes the cycle to start.
Questions & Answers
Why doesn’t someone with an eating disorder just stop?Answer
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Leaving Food BehindSometimes the best place to find hope is in the story of someone who’s been there.
If you’ve been through a difficult experience pertaining to this topic and found help and healing that might encourage others, we invite you to share your story.Share your story
Other Things to Consider
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