Nighttime Problems

nighttimeimgSleep is an essential part of your children’s growth. And when they don’t get enough of it, it’s likely neither do you. Night terrors and bad dreams can be harder on Mom and Dad than their child, especially when they happen hours after you’ve fallen asleep. Waking up wet makes for cold and soggy mornings, and repeated piles of laundry. Is there some way to put an end to the sleep-deprived grumpies plaguing your family? For those seeking peaceful nights, we have gathered tips and information to help your child “sleep like a baby” again.


Background Information

Fast Asleep?
This overview of common nighttime problems may help parents and kids get a good night’s rest.

Water Bed
She’s potty trained by day, but nighttime is a different story.

Questions and Answers

My child is afraid of the dark. How can I lessen this fear?

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