Post-Abortion Syndrome

pasimgA baby’s cry. A mother kissing a scraped knee. A dad playing football with his son. Triggers abound, reminding you that you could have experienced these moments, if not for that one painful act. Abortion often leaves anxiety, fear, shame and endless questions in its wake. Rationalization and fear initially convinced your mind — but not your heart — that the “easy alternative” was abortion. The immediate flood of relief you expected (and perhaps experienced) has been replaced by the anguish and grief of ending your child’s life. Post-abortion stress lasts for years, often worsening with the passage of time and the anniversaries of what “would have been.” For those experiencing guilt or considering abortion, there is forgiveness, peace and hope for your future.

Background Information

When Grief Doesn’t End
Despair can halt the natural and healthy process of grieving.

Post-Abortive Men and the Church
The effects of abortion rear their head in the most unexpected places.

Why the Post-Abortive Woman Doesn’t Talk About Her Abortion
Abortion leaves many women feeling deep sadness and extreme emotional distress. Often, the last thing they want to do is talk about it.

Questions and Answers

Is it “normal” to struggle with an abortion in one’s past?

What are some of the symptoms of Post-Abortion Syndrome?

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Left to Suffer
Abortion can leave a woman feeling more empty and alone than she ever dreamed possible.

Life is Sacred
Sometimes the choices we make bring pain. Thankfully, one woman turned to God for healing.

Taboo Grief: Men and Abortion
It’s not something most men talk about, but the ones who’ve lost a child to abortion bear many scars.

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